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Insight Consultancy Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective, flexible and pragmatic business solutions. We work with you to find the answers you need.

Our work spans from strategy, due diligence and business development to operational improvement, change, and organizational development and training. Our projects are based across the US, UK and internationally.

We work across multiple sectors with a focus on education, government and nonprofit. We choose clients and projects that are meaningful to us, where we can create long-term impact and make a difference in the world.

You will be supported by our in-house team and by our team of independent consulting experts. This approach enables us to provide solutions that are much more cost-effective than a traditional consultancy house and that are also flexible and responsive.

Insight was founded by Sarah Thrift, a published author and a former McKinsey consultant who has also headed a 250-strong sales force for a UK FTSE 250 company.

We specialize in:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Strategy design and execution
  • Business development
  • Financial modeling
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Sales and channel strategy
  • Organizational redesign
  • Performance metrics
  • Change management
  • Financial and social sustainability