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Sarah Thrift

Sarah Thrift, Founder and CEO of Insight Consultancy Solutions, Inc.

With a knack for problem solving, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for helping people and businesses succeed, Sarah has established herself as a leading strategist. She founded Insight Consultancy Solutions in the UK, in 2007. In 2011 she opened the US arm of the business in San Francisco and today she is based in New York City.

Sarah has 15 years experience working with businesses and nonprofit organizations on strategy, business development, change management and leadership.

She loves working with organizations who demonstrate a true passion for what they do – and a determining factor for establishing Insight was to be able to actively seek out and work with such clients.

Sarah began her career at McKinsey & Co. in London where she advised organizations across a range of sectors including healthcare, technology, consumer goods, financial services and nonprofit.

Sarah subsequently worked for the UK Treasury advising the Chancellor on Corporate Governance issues, and then ran a 250-strong sales force for an IT company. She has also spent time working in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa with hospitals, schools and orphanages to build and create sustainability.

She is a frequent speaker and writer on strategy, leadership and organizational culture. She holds a Master in Mathematics from Imperial College, London, where she graduated top of her class. In her spare time, you can catch Sarah doing yoga, meditating, hiking or learning something new.

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Sarah has been featured as a strategy and organizational expert by media across North America including:

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