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One of the mysterious and exciting things when I work with people on a Leadership Development program is what will »» Read the full article

Is Strategy Dead?

In our ever faster moving world, is strategy and planning redundant?

Are Plans a Waste of Time?

Of late, I am hearing lots of comments like the following: “Business plans are dead. Who does business plans?” “Plans »» Read the full article

Strategic Thinking for Business People and Entrepreneurs
Learn how to devise a winning strategy - for funding, growth and profitability
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Leadership Development
Tailored programs designed to build your leaders’ and your organization’s skills

Executive Coaching
Supporting leaders to reach their full potential

Strategy Training
Building capabilities for better critical thinking and strategic decision making

Strategy Design
Supporting you with the design of your strategy

Strategy Execution
Ensuring that there is a practical plan to deliver the strategy


Upcoming courses: Strategic Decision-Making and Communication Skills

Insight offers a range of courses nationwide - lasting from one-day to several weeks—on strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, communication and decision–making.

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