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The Team

AnnieUpthagrove_2013Annie Upthagrove, Services Manager

Annie Upthagrove brings experience with startups to the team. Her work has been in the areas of complementary health, technology, hospitality and the garment industry. Her wide background has given her the tools to make a business work in a variety of settings. Annie also has a long history of volunteering with nonprofit organizations, taking the lead on numerous projects.

Annie holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin.

Cliona2Cliona McNally, Consultant and Executive Coach

Cliona is the lead coach for Insight, working one-to-one with clients. Cliona worked as an Economist for the Commission for Energy Regulation in Ireland and as a Market Research Director for a pharmaceutical company, prior to founding and running her own consulting practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cliona holds a Masters degrees in Economics from Trinity College University, Dublin.

Yohanna_2013Yohanna Jessup, Brand and Marketing Specialist

Yohanna brings her business experience and her expertise in designing branding and marketing strategies for individuals and small-to-medium businesses to the team. As an excellent communicator, she is the driving force behind Insight’s publications and takes a lead role in business development.

Yoahnna is also a talented artist and graphic designer, and holds a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and Design.

LenaLena Armel, Services Manager, US

Lena runs all the operations for the US arm, including interfacing with clients and all logistics.
By background Lena is a computer programmer and bring immense experience and skills to her role.

Our Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators

To meet the needs of our clients, we have network of independent consultants who we engage in our larger programs. 
All have have blue-chip backgrounds with consulting firms, and often have MBAs from the best international schools. Many have the powerful combination of both consulting and operational experience that helps ensure pragmatic, high-impact solutions.

We also have a network of technical and industry experts who provide specialist advice for our clients. Our technical experts range from PR and advertising specialists to statistical analysts who run our marketing and customer segmentation and investment and funding experts for startups and social enterprises.  

We also have policy, development and fundraising experts who work with our nonprofit clients.

We take great care to find the right combination of consultants and specialists for our clients’ needs.