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Insight Consultancy Solutions provides consultancy services across numerous industries and sectors, with a focus on nonprofit, education and government.


Leadership Development

Tailored programs designed to build your leaders’ and your organization’s skills. We partner with you to meet your needs, and integrate with your existing tools, frameworks and language to design and facilitate a program. Each program is designed to ensured a sustainable increase in leadership capabilities and as such often combines coaching, workshops and 360 and psychometric testing.

Executive Coaching

Supporting leaders to reach their full potential through in-depth coaching that goes beyond facades to reveal underlying patterns and behaviors.

Strategy Training

Building capabilities for better critical thinking and strategic decision-making. Learn the skills to design a strategy and apply this to your organization to receive both new skills and a new strategy.

Strategy Design
 Supporting you with the design of your strategy to ensure you create a set of actions that will work.  Focusing on the key choices available and the trade-offs of these, as well as creating alignment on the design of the strategy as each stage of the process.

Strategy Execution
 Ensuring that there is a practical plan to deliver the strategy. Too often a good potential strategy is ruined by lack of translation into execution. We provide support to make sure all the effort in designing a strategy is not wasted and a bridge is created to ensure it can be successfully implemented.

How We Work

We meet with you first to get an understanding of your needs. From there, we scope out your requirements and put together a work proposal.

We review this proposal with you to ensure it meets your needs, both from a functional and a cultural perspective. After fine-tuning the approach and deliverables, we begin work.

Depending on your needs, the work may take place at your location, our offices or a combination of the two. Throughout the project we work I partnership with you, continuously reviewing the results and making any changes as appropriate.

We welcome your feedback throughout to ensure we continue to develop our services and always deliver what you need.