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Insight selected to support strategy formulation process for the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies

Insight Consultancy Solutions is delighted to have been selected to support the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA) in its first strategy formulation process.

The CBHA is one-year-old consortium of 15 non-governmental organisations that provide humanitarian assistance around the world. The consortium was created with an aspiration to strengthen the capacity of the NGO sector to deliver appropriate, high-quality, and quicker humanitarian assistance.

In its first year the CBHA launched NGO-strengthening activities with transformative potential as well as enabling its members to conduct additional DFID-funded Pakistan flood crisis projects. The consortium has also demonstrated a potential for convening humanitarian policy dialogue through its well-regarded engagement with the independent Humanitarian Emergency Response Review.

The consortium’s successful first year of operations has demonstrated the potential impact CBHA can have. To address the substantial challenges posed by the unpredictable nature of the humanitarian endeavour and to maximise the impact this landmark humanitarian venture can have on some of the most important issues of the modern world such as climate change, economic globalisation, human vulnerability and disaster resilience, CBHA has chosen Insight Consultancy Solutions to facilitate the development of an appropriate framework for collaboration for the consortium.

Drawing on their extensive experience with strategy formulation and working with humanitarian non-profit organisations both in the UK and internationally, the team at Insight Consultancy Solutions is delighted to work with CBHA on building a shared strategy and vision, as well as establishing shared operational principles, thus enabling CBHA to make full use of the potential synergies between members with regards to both capacity-building work and disaster response, maximising the speed and effectiveness of support to those affected by a crisis.

To learn more about the CBHA and its member organisations, please visit the CBHA website.

If you would like to know more about how Insight Consultancy Solutions can support your organisation please contact Managing Director Sarah Thrift at sarahthrift@insightconsultancysolutions.com.

CBHA Member Organisations: ActionAid; ACF (UK); CAFOD; CARE International UK; Christian Aid; Concern Worldwide (UK); HelpAge International; IRC (UK); Islamic Relief; Merlin; Oxfam GB; Plan International (UK); Save the Children Fund; Tearfund; World Vision UK